Customer Testimonials

Fenella Lloyd

The new Classic Ri-Dry is just perfect; the tailoring makes it smarter and excellent advice from the lovely Ri-Dry team means the fit is perfect for me. It still does the job intended; absolutely waterproof and windproof and all of the features are there for a purpose. It is an unbeatable raincoat in my opinion; a game changer for enjoying the outdoors whether on foot or in the saddle.

Russell Marks

I stood out in heavy rain judging for over 4 hours and my suit was bone dry underneath. Not only waterproof (unlike many) but comfortable and very stylish too! One happy ‘dry’ judge here!

Kirstine Douglas

Having had my Ri-Dry coat for a few years now, it has been a saviour in the delightful Scottish weather that we have. It’s done a great job keeping me warm and dry allowing me to continue to work in comfort in all weathers.

Amanda Sainsbury

Best £200 I have spent in a long time. Kept me dry in the most torrential rain out trail hunting. My daughter also loves hers but maybe not the rain!

Rona Bromley

I have purchased a navy Ri-Dry and love it - super-comfortable, and with lovely big pockets that every rider needs (not fashionable, slim, vertical 'handwarmer' pockets that barely hold a polo!).

This is a coat where you can tell real thought has gone into the design, and I hope I'll be wearing it for many a long year.

Lynne Jackson

This is a fabulous, weatherproof , very hi viz stylish riding coat. Cosy warm with nice deep pockets. Love it.

Kat Robinson

Thank goodness for my Ri-Dry Lanacre Coat which kept me bone dry in consistent wet weather from the off.

Georgette Green

My new Ri-Dry coat faced a real test during Storm Eunice over the weekend. It kept me dry and warm whilst remaining smart all weekend. Thank you very much.

Charlotte Young

I was the envy of all of my friends today - the Ri-Dry coat is so smart yet tough and practical in the roughest of weather.




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