"I have one of your life-saving Ri-Dry coats, which I wear more and more often as I get older and colder. I love it and on ‘doubtful’ days, when it’s dry at the meet but threatening nasty stuff, the rest of the under-dressed field start offering me money for it. When will they ever learn? My hunting on Exmoor taught me to be prepared.”
— Jenny
"Good Morning. Hunted in appalling weather on Saturday with the Kilkenny Foxhounds, Kilkenny Ireland.

Got to put my Ri-Dry to the test. Money really well spent. Dry and warm all day, with just a breathable base layer and a jumper on underneath. (It was very mild.. so not a good hunting day). Delighted with it!”
— Bernie
“I can't believe I've hunted for so many years and never invested on one of your macs before. I can honestly say it has transformed a cold wet February day for me. Thank you Ri-Dry.”
— Claire
I have purchased a navy Ri-Dry and love it - super-comfortable, and with lovely big pockets that every rider needs (not fashionable, slim, vertical 'handwarmer' pockets that barely hold a polo!).

This is a coat where you can tell real thought has gone into the design, and I hope I'll be wearing it for many a long year.
— Rona


Are you a passionate hunter or equestrian living in the UK in need of bespoke waterproof hunting and riding wear? Ri Dry clothing is at your service to provide you with a number of high-quality garments designed especially for your passion. From some of the best hunting jackets in the UK to unique ladies riding macs, we can deliver an extensive range of clothing online directly to you from our headquarters in Somerset.

Our Story

Our story begins in the fields of Exmoor. Our goal is simple and has stayed the same throughout our journey. We aim to provide waterproof overcoats and trousers that will keep you dry and safe no matter how heavy the rain becomes. We are dedicated to making sure that your clothing garment will prevent you from having to cut your enjoyment short.

Our garments Include:

Men’s Waterproof Riding Wear – With both traditional and classic selections, we have a wide selection of hunter rainwear. With comfortable fits and classic looks, we believe we can provide some of the best hunting jackets available to buy in the UK.

Ladies Riding Macs and Riding Wear- We have a wide selection of fashionable high-quality garments available to buy online from our headquarters in Somerset. With our ladies riding macs, you can remain both stylish and dry.

Unisex- Within our waterproof riding wear, we are particularly proud of our waterproof breeches designed for both men and women.

Children’s- In addition to some of the best adult hunter jackets and trousers in the UK, we are also in the process of bringing out a select range of waterproof riding wear for children also.

If you are living in the UK and would like to buy from our select waterproof riding and hunter rainwear range, get in touch with our headquarters in Somerset today by calling 01984 622018.