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Born and developed on the wilds of Exmoor, Ri-Dry Clothing  manufacture waterproof over coats and over trousers that are unique in their effectiveness at keeping you dry whilst riding in the saddle, however wet the day.

Wherever you hunt in the UK it has become increasingly acceptable to wear a riding over coat to cope with our seemingly endless wet winters. Ri-Dry riding over coats are now worn by hunt staff and hunt followers with different packs all over the West Country and hunts as far North as Scotland.

All of our products are proven to be reliable and long-lasting, and will enable you to stay out longer in the worst that our British weather can throw at you!

The coats come in a range of standard sizes from small to extra large. The unique design of the coats allows them to be worn comfortably over hunt coats, with a generous fit at the front to ensure the coat sits well over the saddle whilst riding. Our sizing guide should help you choose the right over coat, but do feel free to contact us direct or one of our retailers for any further advice.


Both our over coats and trousers look tidy and are comfortable but it should be remembered they are practical garments to keep out wet and cold weather and the over coat in particular should not be a close tailored fit. The emphasis is on practicality, warmth and comfort.


We have every confidence that you will be thrilled with your Ri-Dry product, but please don’t just take our word for it – read some of our customer testimonials below or have a scroll through our Facebook page to see what other people say about us.



“I have one of your life-saving Ri-Dry coats, which I wear more and more often as I get older and colder. I love it and on ‘doubtful’ days, when it’s dry at the meet but threatening nasty stuff, the rest of the under-dressed field start offering me money for it.  When will they ever learn? My hunting on Exmoor taught me to be prepared.”


“Good Morning. Hunted in appalling weather on Saturday with the Kilkenny Foxhounds Kilkenny Ireland.

Got to put my Ri-Dry to the test. Money really well spent. Dry and warm all day, with just a breathable baselayer and a jumper on underneath. (It was very mild.. so not a good hunting day). Delighted with it!”


“I can't believe I've hunted for so many years and never invested on one of your macs before. I can honestly say it has transformed a cold wet February day for me. Thank you Ri-Dry.”